Surfcaster Gatherings

Surfcasters in Norway


Wisconsin basement surfcasters:  Get the surfs out of the basement!

A bevy of the Nice Jacksons, before they ruined it.

A nice mix of Original Charvels watching T.V.

Adultered Charvel Surfcasters

Surf Trio

Nice Variety of types and eras.  Looks like a Cobain Jagstang butt on the wall above


I’ve gotta believe it’s the only time we’ll see five 12s together.  Impressive.  The Seafoam Green one is the holy grail of Surfcaster 12s


Unusual 12 string gatherings, 12 strings don’t usually gather

  1. Woody Woodsun says:

    Looking for a charvel surfcaster 12 in the uk – not got a massive budget and don’t mind ‘fixer upper’ opportunities either

  2. Mike Kotyk says:

    I’m still chasing a black Charvel surfcaster…..C stop and humbucker (bridge) and lipstick (neck) combo only. Trying to replace one I regretfully sold long ago. I’m in the U.S. Ended up second in line or missed out on a few. Thanks and appreciate any leads.

  3. Ian says:

    I have a sunburst 92-93 Surfcaster which I’m looking to sell. Immaculate all original condition with trem and lipsticks. Currently on gumtree under ad number 1187229600. Cash on collection only from Essex UK. E mail me at


  4. Mike Kotyk says:

    After a black Charvel surfcaster…..C stop and humbucker (bridge) and lipstick (neck) combo only. Trying to replace one I regretfully sold long ago. I’m in the U.S. Thanks and appreciate any leads.

  5. yerknickers says:

    Is it definitely a tremolo model? Not interested in the C/trapeze bridge.

    What kind of price would you be looking for and do you have a link to any pics?



    On 24 July 2016 at 17:04, Charvel Surfcaster Guitars wrote:

    > Harry commented: “Hey, I have a red Surfcaster 6 string model. Not > completely sure if i want to sell it but feel free to email me and who > knows I might change my mind.” >

  6. Harry says:

    Hey, I have a red Surfcaster 6 string model.
    Not completely sure if i want to sell it but feel free to email me and who knows I might change my mind.

  7. Reuben acciano says:

    Hey, guys.

    Chasing a red, black or surf green 6 string trem model. Was very close to snagging Richard’s mentioned below!

    Cash waiting.

    Hit me up at yerknickers at gmail dot com

  8. Terry says:

    listed two on ebay, a black 12 and a seafoam 6. i may be considering a major move in 5 months so testing the market. send me offers, i’ll take reasonable offers from one of you. but mine are the frankenstein’d ones.

  9. Ben says:


    Just to say the red one I mentioned in Nov is sold!

  10. Arthur says:

    If anyone has a surfcaster that they are selling any colour can you please email me at

  11. Arthur says:

    Hi ben just saw your comment I’m very interested my email is if it is still for sale please email me

  12. Andy says:

    Hi Guys,

    I have a bit of a Frankenstein model for sale: Surfcaster body, rickenbacker headstock, glitter green colour. Completely unique, might need a little touching up but in good condition. Any interest, please email (can send pics etc).


  13. Six String Richie says:

    I’ve posted this in another place on the site but I wanna make sure people see it:

    I don’t know if you are aware of this but an awesome company called Eastwood Guitars is looking for funding to recreate Surfcasters. Eastwood makes many great retro style guitars and I would love to see them bring back the Surfcaster. They have 10 days left and are 75% done with their funding. If it doesn’t reach its goal they won’t produce it. They only need $400 more.

    Here’s the link to their project:

    I promise these guys are awesome. Hopefully this is helpful to somebody.

  14. John Sutton says:

    Sorry, Previous message should have said Seafoam Green. Regards John

  15. John Sutton says:

    Hi Ben, Just noticed your posting in November regarding your red surfcaster. I have a surf green one which might be of interest to you as a possible swap? If you still have it contact me on

  16. harry says:

    Hey ben please email me i am Very Interested!!

  17. Ben says:

    Hi there

    I have a red Surfcaster for sale, if anyone is interested? Thought it might find a more appreciative home here rather than heading straight to eBay.

    I guess its early 90s – 2 lipsticks, white logo on the headstock – but I could be wrong!

    It was always my dream guitar (thanks to MBV, though I could never find a seafoam green one…), but it just doesn’t get played anymore.

    It has quite a few dings round the back and I think one of the pots is unoriginal (all of this happened before my time), but its still stunning.

    Let me know and I can send photos etc. I am in London.

    Great website, by the way.



  18. chris says:

    I have a close to mint 91 Seafoam Green Surfcaster (trem model). I am looking for a trans finished model for a even swap.

  19. harry says:

    Is anyone selling one of these beauties email me

  20. John Sutton says:

    Hi Bob, Could you send me some pictures of your cherry Sunburst Surfcaster. My Email is Regards John

  21. Bob Windsor says:

    I have a 1992 original cherryburst for sale, with hardshell case….excellent condition, but is missing the trem arm….this was my spare, I have a pair. Can send pics of course. Thanks.

  22. John sutton says:

    Hi Jason, just noticed you have a surf caster for sale. Could you send pics and more info please to; UK based!

  23. Brad says:

    Hey Jason:

    Would like to see a pic of your Raspberry Beret Surfcaster. My address is


  24. Jason Iseli says:

    I have a mint, fully stock 1991/92 raspberry burst Charvel Surfcaster for sale.
    Anyone interested?
    I have pics and really want it to find a good home.

  25. ralph fernandez says:

    Anybody know of one for sale?

  26. Brad says:

    Al’s green double-neck is sick. God knows what it’s worth.

  27. Al says:

    If someone wants to get some pictures of the green doubleneck, feel free to ask at….how can i post some pictures here for the thread…?

  28. Al says:

    …my one was owned by the famos german player Carl Carlton for a few years….and got a short story about its history in the german Gitarre&bass magazine….

  29. Al says:

    I know, last , there were one on chandlers uk for about 1800 gbp….

  30. leon says:

    curious about the green double-neck price. you don’t see those pop-up for sale very often.

  31. Farrell says:

    Hmmmmm, how long are you planning on keeping it for? I’d not be able to do 1300 for about 3 months or so, if you fancy keeping hold of it for me?

  32. Lars says:

    Hey Brad! If i can have your e-adress i’ll send you some pics of my Beauty. Price wise i’m thinking about 1300 usd. Saw a simulair one going for 900 euros at e-bay not so long ago. But mine is finer.

  33. Rob says:

    Aha. Just scored a black Surfcaster – six string with tremolo and lipsticks out of NC. Finally.

  34. Farrell says:

    Hey Lars, how much are we thinking here? Have you got any photos you could stick up here for me to have a peek at? (:

  35. Lars says:

    Hi Farrell.
    l Still got a six string orange/sunburst for sale. One of the early ones (Think it’s an 92) in near mint cond. Almost unplayd. It’s in Sweden but I’ll ship it if the price is right.

  36. Brad says:

    Hey Al:

    Do you have a pic you could post or send? I’m at Also, just for a laugh, how many thousands are you looking to get?


  37. AL says:

    hey, i want to sell my green doubleneck …..

  38. Farrell says:

    Hey folks, is anybody looking to sell one of their precious babies? I’ve been on and off looking for waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long!

  39. Robye says:

    Totally stoked to find a community of surfcaster lovers out there. My wife bought her brother’s red Jackson surfcaster from him over Xmas for my birthday in July this year… He was going to sell it but we both decided (he and I) that it needed to stay in the family… So we both put the business case up to my wife for the transaction… It cost me a handbag in return! But it is so worth it!

  40. leon says:

    hahaha – those “adultered” ones are mine. :-) I sold the outside un-“adultered” ones (the orange 12 and the acoustic). The black 12 and the seafoam and burst 6’s are awesome! I have EMG 81/SA in the black and seafoam, but stuck bare knuckles in the burst awhile back.

  41. klas says:

    Hey Lars, Fantastic (fantastiskt:), How do we get in touch with each other?

  42. Lars says:

    Hey Klas! It’s still here

  43. Rob says:

    This one popped up on Craigslist:

    I’m passing on it because of timing.

  44. klas says:

    Hey Lars. I am interested. still have it?

  45. Lars says:

    It’s still up for sale. Have one interrested guy over here, but he havn’t decided. I’ll try to make it tonight, Ok?

  46. Lars says:

    It’s still up for sale. Have one interrested guy over here, but he havn’t decided. LarsI’ll try to make it tonight, Ok?

  47. Aleksey says:

    Lars, please send pictures of your orange flame/sunburst ( if it’s still sale

  48. Ian says:


    Had a couple of outbids on EBay recently and looking for a two lipstick original Charvel Surfcaster, preferably hard C tail in either green or sunburst. Any up for sale? I live in Essex, UK.



  49. Lars says:

    Brad: Will send one your way as soon as possible :)

  50. Brad says:

    Lars: Can you post a picture or send one my way ( Thanks, Brad

  51. Lars says:

    Still got a six string orange flame/sunburst for sale. One of the early ones in near mint cond. with original hardcase. Almost unplayd. It’s in Sweden but I’ll ship it if the price is right.

  52. Chris says:

    @Lorenzo – Sorry mate, the orange flame surfcaster has long gone

  53. rob says:

    anyone have any idea how many ‘real’ charvel surfcaster guitars were made, before name changed to ‘jackson’ and production moved to india

  54. Rob says:

    Ah. Looks like this is the place to post (I posted over in the Links section): I’m looking to eventually add a six-string Surfcaster to my collection. If anything comes up, please let me know, i’ll be following this site. The closer I can get to one of Bruce Cockburn’s early-90’s black models, the better.



  55. Lorenzo says:

    Hi Guys,
    hey Chris, are you still selling your surfcaster? Or does anyone else? lodevicco at gmail dot com
    Thank you

  56. Graham Pearson says:

    As SignoftheDragon says, I have my red 12-string set up as a 6-string, mainly because I play a lot of gigs and I can use a 6-string more than a 12-string. It plays really well and, one of these days, I’ll bite the bullet and buy a real 6-string so I can have both.

    So I don’t see any downside of using a 12-string as a 6-string, other than having to suffer the slings and arrows of fellow Surfcasterers who think it’s sacrilege. Ah, well, I’m just a poor country boy trying to make an honest living.

  57. rob abramson says:

    looking for a surfcaster 6 string guitar to buy –

  58. Brad- I’ve heard of several Surf12 owners using them as 6-strings. (Honestly speaking, it is an abomination to me- why would you let those delicious overtones slip by when they are so close at hand?) Frequent poster Graham Pearson has his trans red one set up as a 6-string, and seems to enjoy it that way. Other than the bridge, headstock, and nut, the 12-string surfcaster is identical to the 6-string models.

  59. Bradjaffe says:

    Does anyone on this site have a comment or opinion about using a 12-string Surfcaster as a 6 string?

  60. xXBADGERXx says:

    No Original case and Dings , punching a bit above your weight there on that price

  61. bradjaffe says:

    Any thoughts on a sea foam green Surfcaster that’s currently available (asking price is $1,350.00)? It has some dings–somewhere between a few and several, actually, and the case isn’t original. Is this a fair price? High? A bargain considering the color? Help, please!

  62. B. Jaffe says:

    Uh, please contact me at

  63. B. Jaffe says:

    I’ve become infatuated with Surfcaster guitars. If anyone has a Charvel or good Jackson they are willing to sell, please contact me.

  64. C. Grabau says:

    I love this site! Does anyone have a 12string Surfcaster they may be interested in selling? If so, please contact me.

  65. Addison Matthew says:

    If anybody has a Surfcaster HT for sale, PLEASE contact me!

  66. fatpotanga says:

    just discovered this site
    here are my surfys:
    The black one has been customised a bit with a S Duncan humbucker & tuners but I’m planning on changing them back. The Jackon is one of the ‘good’ ones & plays beautifully. The Kent Armstrong lipstick a beautiful sweet nutty tone I actually prefer over the Chandlers which I find a bit brittle.
    They all sound sweet with my ’64 ac30 :)

  67. Good news! I finally tracked down a sunburst 12-string to add to my collection- one more to go and I’ll have one each of the original 6 factory colors! I’ll get the sister-wives together for a new family photo, and post it to replace the one above. (It might take me a while to get them all in to the photo studio, so be patient)

    For now, I’ve uploaded some nice pics on the OSG forum if you’d like a look:

    If anyone’s got a trans red 12-string that they feel like sending on, feel free to contact me and I’ll see if I can put together an offer to your liking. john-at-theElemental-dot-com.

  68. xXBADGERXx says:

    I want a Surfcaster , but the only way I can do it is to trade a custom guitar that I have . I own a Boogie Street Customs Custom Washburn “The Cross” which is a ltd run of 100 guitars made to copy the “Southern Cross” that was given to Dimebag Darrell of Pantera when they supported Black Sabbath . It has certificates of Authenticity and a Pimped-out Hardcase ….. the guitar is practically spotless :)

  69. Tony says:

    I’m thinning down my guitar collection and my 1992 Charvel Surfcaster is available:

    Details and photos here:

    I am based in the UK.

  70. Chris says:

    Yes, it’s still for sale. I’m UK based

  71. Nath says:

    still for sale??

  72. Scott Doney says:

    Please contact me about your guitar.


  73. Chris says:

    Hi Surfcaster lovers.

    I’m putting my Orange Flame Top Charvel Surfcaster up for sale

    Get in touch if your interested

    I’m willing to post this to Europe or North America

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