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Posted: October 23, 2010 in Charvel Surfcaster
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David Lowery of Camper Van Beethoven with Green Quilt 1993 Surfcaster

This site is dedicated to all things Charvel Surfcaster, my favorite and main guitar.  I’ve had dozens of them and still have about 10 or so.  They are all I ever use in my band, Don Rown and the Uncommitted.  Post pictures of your Surfcasters, contribute to the serial number database, and offer your own experiences with the Surfcaster.

My main Surfs

Green Quilt 1993 Charvel Surfcaster

1992 Quilted Orange Tremolo

  1. Joshua Lozano says:

    I’m looking for a tuner for the high side.
    Can anyone help me find a replacement?

  2. Michael Yates says:

    Anyone have a wiring diagram for the Surfcaster Bass? My neck pickup seems to not work, and I suspect the phase switch… voxac30guy@yahoo.com

  3. Chuckster says:

    Hey, it’s Chuckster again… in addition to my Cherryburst Surfcaster Bass (376585), I now have a Cherryburst Surfcaster Acoustic, s/n 8564 inside the slash hole, made in Korea. Don’t hear much talk about the acoustics here, and I know they made an acoustic bass version as well.

    I also have a semi-custom Surfcaster made by GRB Guitars in Madison, Wisconsin. It’s called a Kokocaster, and it’s a Greenburst stoptail version. Very nice.

  4. Jeffrey Hamilton says:

    Hello! I’m looking for a green-quilt Charvele Surfcaster. A ‘94-‘99 vintage.

  5. Bradley Bischoff says:

    Hello Friends, looking to buy a Surfcaster. Thank you. Bradley Bischoff bradndeb@telus.net Near Banff National Park. My best.

  6. Bradley Bischoff says:

    Sell me your Surfcaster. Thank you. Bradley Bischoff. Canmore Alberta. Cash ready.

  7. Roman says:

    Have a sunburst w 1 lipstick and 1 humbucker gold hdwr the fretboard is dot inlays and maple not dark. Did any come with dot inlay or is it replaced fretboard anybody know?

  8. JHY says:

    Hello friends, i have a charvel surfcaster, s.n 387244, is it made in japan or usa? Please let me know

  9. Broose says:

    I have dark turquoise Surfcaster (the only one of this colour ever made) made specifically for me around 1993, that I can post a pic of if you like. s/n 385240

  10. Tedde Tillberg says:
    August 22, 2018 at 13:40 pm
    Hello Surfcasters! My name is Tedde Tillberg from Sweden,i want to buy a Black Surfcaster!
    Is there anyone out there who have one for sale? you can reach me on my Facebooksite,or mail to:bluescats@live.se

  11. Chuckster says:

    Hey All,

    I was just searching the web for serial number info for my Surfcaster bass and stumbled upon this site… and lo and behold, my bass is on the Serial Number list with no owner info. Who can I pass on the info to so it can be updated? It’s serial number 376585. FireGlo bass with two lipsticks and OHSC. Dead mint. I’ve owned it for 10 years now.

    Lemme know and I’ll share more info… great site. I also have a GRB Kokocaster in Greenburst finish, anyone here have one?


  12. Hello Surfcasters! My name is Tedde Tillberg from Sweden,i want to buy a Black Surfcaster!
    Is there anyone out there who have one for sale? you can reach me on my Facebooksite!

  13. I have a Japanese made orange(is that official colour?) surfcaster serial number 374365. It has 2 lips & trem. Not sure how to add this to database. Live in Lancashire, UK. Thanks, Mike

  14. Thomas Ruetti says:

    Looking to sell my Carvel Surfcaster. It’s the exact same version like on the first picture on this homepage. C-Tailpiece, with bridge humbucker and one lipstick… Aaand yes, the green burst finish. Mine should be 93 too. All original, perfect mint condition. Item location: Zurich, Switzerland.
    I’d like to offer it first here, since I like the idea of a good new home. Pictures via e-mail… Make me serious offers only please. Thanks. Regards, Thomas

  15. Steven Sutcliffe says:

    If anyone’s looking to sell a 6-string Charvel version Surfcaster, either tremolo or non, please email me at GibsonLP2550@gmail.com with serious offers. Thanks so much in advance.


  16. joe says:

    WHERE CAN I BUY ONE OF THESE?! did they just stop making them or what? I’m dying for one, think it would fit my music perfectly

  17. rogerunited says:

    Has anybody looked at Charvel’s SK1 and SK3? Same shape, but without the panache of the original and no lipstick tubes. Makes you wonder why they didn’t just reintroduce the Surfcaster.

  18. Lovely ‘collection!’ RJ x

  19. Bob Windsor says:

    Not sure where else to post this, hope this is okay……selling one of my Charvel Surcasters. Here is a link to the local ad with pics and all info. Thanks.


  20. NOLA says:

    With great regret, I just put my black Surfcaster up for sale on ebay. I know I’ll probably never get the chance to own another one, but times are super tight… Dual lipstick tubes, chrome tailpiece, plays like a dream; check it out: item 271414274897. It’s up until March 7th, and it needs a good home.

  21. Stirling E says:


  22. Mike K says:

    Had a black Charvel Surfcaster in the 90’s and regretted selling it to this day. On the hunt for a Charvel 6 string version…..black w/ humbucker and c-stop tail. Black is top choice, but may be into other colors…..only the Charvel version. Figured this would be a good place to look besides fleabay. Help or leads greatly appreciated.

  23. Stirling E says:

    I have a beautiful MADE IN JAPAN reissue for sale in MINTY MINT condition. Fret wear is non-existent. There is a tiny finish crack from age near one of the pick guard holes on the upper bout. Purchased in rural Japan in a tiny music store. This guitar is literally as clean as they come. I will include a used, but durable TKL case. Here are photos:

    I have to thin out the instruments now… I HATE to see this guitar go- it’s just gorgeous…

    Quality is top notch and the sound is bright, lively and has great attack. Typically superb Japanese quality and construction.

    Please email me for details if you are interested. Thanks!

  24. Andy says:

    Trying to buy one, 6 strings…based in Canada, any suggestions where to look for…ebay doesn’t have any options…

  25. Dan Saunders says:

    Hi, I am based in the UK and looking for a replacement neck for a Surfcaster (guitar)- i have been offered it for sale and I think the neck’s too badly damaged to be repaired. I have two Surfcaster basses and looking to expand my collection. Any help much appreciated dansaund@gmail.com

  26. Del Preston says:

    Thanks guys for any interested views, but I’ve now had a couple of very helpful responses. I’ll keep you all posted on how it turns out.

  27. Del Preston says:

    Hi guys. I’ve got a request. I do a bit of luthiery ‘on the side’ and have made projects and done repairs etc. for a while now… I’ve got an urge for a Surfcaster, but with a neck to my specs. What I’m after is for some kind soul to produce an accurate outline tracing around the body of their Fuji-Gen surf on a large sheet of paper and send it to me. I’ve made a pretty damned accurate CAD drawing but I’d like the confirmation that it is a match to a proper Fuji-Gen surf… (I’m nothing if not pedantic!). Alternatively a very high-res PDF or similar scan of the back of the body, if your scanner at work is big enough, would suffice.

    I know you can get hold of the Kokos cheaply etc. but I’m after something a bit more custom and accurate to the original shape. Given that its not been made for quite a while now, I’m sure my one or two hobby bodies wouldn’t be a problem to the big F or whoever owns the rights.

    If one of you out there is prepared to do that for me (accurately!) then I will be prepared to make you an unfinished body from the template that will fit standard Warmoth / Fender necks… First come first served!

    I’m based in the UK and would refund your postage/parcel tube cost.

    Email me at fretfest@yahoo.com.

  28. Dave in Toronto says:

    Looking for a surfcaster 12 string. LMK if you have one to sell. Thanks, Dave


  29. Dustin says:


    Send me an email. I am interested.


  30. Chris says:

    Hi Hopkinsgm

    Yes, I’m still looking to sell


  31. hopkinsgm says:

    Hey Chris
    Are you still looking to sell?

  32. Silversurfer says:

    Holy crap. That’s sweet. If I didn’t already own 2, I’d be all of that.

  33. Chris says:

    Hi Surfcaster lovers

    I’m putting my Orange Flame Top Charvel Surfcaster up for sale

    Get in touch if your interested


    I’m willing to post the guitar out to UK, Europe and North America



  34. Re: Tualangi & Silversurfer-

    The surfcaster 12 was definitely issued in Magenta- I bought mine new in 1994.

    I’ve been able to track down Surfcaster 12s in 5 of the 6 catalog colors, but have yet to even se evidence that any Starglo or cherry burst 12 strings ever made it off the line.
    I did see a bust doubleneck once, but never a proper 12er.

    I’d love to see a picture if anyone has one- just to keep the dream alive, y’know?

  35. Silversurfer says:

    Anyone ever try to upgrade the trem block?

  36. They came with three installed and one extra in the case. I use all four on all of mine except one, which is kind of a weird one.

  37. Silversurfer says:

    Question for original owners of trem model Surfcasters: how many trem springs did it come with and how many are you using now?

  38. send me a picture and serial number so I can post it. Send the pic to donrownrocks@yahoo.com. Sorry the site is so clumsy still, I’m working on it so we can get a real discussion room going. Thanks.

  39. Silversurfer says:

    Hey Tualangi, congrats on the the new axe. According to the catalog, the Surfcaster 12 came in all the standard Surfcaster colors: Trans Red, Trans Orange, Starglo, Black, and Turquoise, with the exception of Magenta.

  40. tualangi says:

    hi, I just scored myself a 92 twelve string out of the blue.. I’d never heard of or seen these before but boy am I took a punt !, This ticks all the boxes in my book though have yet to play it with full 12 strings, (its currently strung up with 6 ) ..beautiful guitar what more can I say?
    Mine is black , I wonder if they made any 12 stringers in other colours? love the sunbust ones…

  41. Yes, sorry about the clumsy beginning. But I’m intending to have all of that. Thanks for participating!

  42. silversurfer says:

    Hey – are there any plans to have a forum/posting area for discussion, user profiles, etc.?

  43. Jim Chandler says:

    Just found yer cool site. My seafoam green surfcaster s/n is 386938 from ’95 (I think).
    “Gumby” is shown in virtual tour of my studio (botwrecording.com). pic #40. I hope to have better pics soon.

  44. Graham Pearson says:

    How do we send you pictures of our SurfCasters attached to email messages so you can post them on your web site? I don’t find any mechanism for doing this unless you send me your email address privately.


  45. Satoru says:

    About time someone did this for what is a truly under appreciated guitar. Looking forward to seeing more

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