Looking to sell your Surfcaster? If so, please post the following details on this page:

1. 6-string tremolo, 6-string “C” tail, 12-string, bass, or double-neck?
2. Body color
3. Charvel logo color (black or white)
4. If 6-string, describe pickup configuration (2 lipsticks, or bridge humbucker / neck lipstick)
5. Is a case included and, if so, is it the original hard-shell case (OHSC)?
6. 6-digit serial number on neck plate
7. Has your Surfcaster been modified in any way?
8. Describe any nicks, dings, pimples, warts, gouges, etc.
9. What is your asking price?
10. Where are you located and are you willing to ship outside of your country?
11. How do we contact you (email, telephone number, etc)?

Looking to buy a Surfcaster? If so, please post your preferences from the above list on this page. Don’t forget to let us know how to contact you (email, telephone number, etc).

  1. Danny B says:

    Needed a new home for
    1. 6-string tremolo,
    2. Red Body color
    3. White Charvel logo
    4. 6-string, 2 lipsticks pickup configuration
    5. Chravel Jackson case included (OHSC)?
    6. 6-digit serial number on neck plate 376646
    7. Has your Surfcaster been modified in any way? No
    8. Describe any nicks, dings, pimples, warts, gouges, etc. None
    9. What is your asking price? $3,000
    10. Will ship from Canada
    11. How do we contact you (

  2. Mike Trainor says:

    I’m planning on selling my Charvel Surfcaster 12 to help pay on a huge tax bill I just got. It’s currently cased and I don’t have any pictures handy, but it’s a ’92 model, black. The serial number is listed here in the database, but I honestly can’t recall what it is.

    If you’re reading this as of April 17, 2022, and interested in a black 12-string, please contact me directly and I can fill you in on all of the details and will provide good photos.

    Guitar is in EXE to NM condition… all the electronics work properly, including the push-push and toggle, tuning gears work fine, solid output jack… just a great sounding and playing Surfcaster. Has a non-original hardshell case.

    Breaks my heart to even consider selling it. I cannot do international shipping, so CONUS only. Email me at

    Thank you!

  3. Anthony says:

    I am looking to buy a 12-String Charvel Surfcaster. I had a chance years ago to play an Emerald green custom rebuilt one from Roman guitars years ago. Was amazing. I am now regretting not picking one up back then. I never see these listed. Anyways I’d be interested to hear about any nice 12-string models out there. Thanks

  4. James Watson says:

    I have a black 6/12 string double neck which I sadly need to sell.

    As you all know, these double necks are extremely rare. It’s hard to find a reliable source, but from what I have read there were 20 made, of which 5 were black. So this is one of five in the world as far as I know.

    If anyone can provide further information then please do!

    It has never left my studio while I have owned it and is in beautiful condition. There are a few tiny marks which are barely noticeable and in inconspicuous places. Details are:

    Double Neck 6/12 string
    Condition: Excellent
    Body: Black
    Charvel Logo: White
    Pickups: All Lipstick
    Serial No: 6 string neck 379292
    12 string neck 382113
    No Modifications
    A few tiny inconspicuous marks

    No Case-Very much prefer collection in person but willing to discuss shipping if absolutely necessary

    Location: North London, UK

    Price: Negotiable but looking for offers above £2500

    You can contact me at

  5. Dave says:

    Looking to buy a ‘93 green quilt surfcaster like the one on the home page. Please email me pics & desired price. Thanks! twelvedaysinjune {at} gmail {dot} com.

  6. Jeff says:

    Hello – I’m looking for a quilted-green Charvelle Surfcaster in at least player’s condition.

    one with the “c” tailpiece and the larger logo headstock is preferred, but not a deal-killer

    Would also be interested in different finishes. I’ve wanted one for years and I’m having bad luck with people on Reverb. I actually had a guy raise the price $200 bucks after I’d purchased. So, I walked. I’m also not into paying over $1,500 … some sellers are trying to get twice that … it’s not a les Paul.

  7. Jeff says:

    YES!!! Looking for one with the “C” tailpiece and original large-logo headstock. Surf Green or Green-green.

  8. Rob Zwaan says:

    1. 6-string tremolo
    2. Body color: Sunburst
    3. Charvel logo color: black
    4. If 6-string, describe pickup configuration (2 lipsticks)
    5. Is a case included and, if so, is it the original hard-shell case (OHSC)? No
    6. 374590
    7. Has your Surfcaster been modified in any way? No
    8. Describe any nicks, dings, pimples, warts, gouges, etc. Normal wear
    9. What is your asking price? No idea
    10. Where are you located and are you willing to ship outside of your country?Yep
    11. How do we contact you (email, telephone number, etc)? By mail

  9. Kate Cogswell says:

    Newly for SALE:

    12 string Charvel Surfcaster – White Logo – 2 Lipstick Pickups – Non original case included – Serial Number 377710 – Unmodified – Clear coat finish check at sound hole – Auction start bid $1,289 – Located in Towson, MD no shipping outside US – Contact via Ebay:

  10. Mark says:

    Looking to buy anything 12 string. I also just finished hot rodding (klusons, bone nut, custom bridge, with a gold foil, fret job) a funky Kay acoustic I’d be willing to add to the deal.

  11. Hey AL. Your sea-foam double-neck Surfcaster is actually a “dark-green sparkle”. I’m aware of only 3 other double-neck Surfcasters the same as yours. Thank you for the pictures of your very clean and beautiful guitar.

  12. AL says:

    looking to sell my 6/12 Surfcaster in Sea foam Green…one of a kind…..very good condition, comes with Case. If someone likes to see more pics, feel free to contact me: I am based in Germany.

  13. Looking to sell what I believe is a 1995 Charvel Surfcaster. Sea Foam green, 6 strings, with C tail piece. Comes with 1 lipstick pickup and a humbucker pickup. Humbucker is not stock.

    Pics here:

    Contact me with offers at

  14. Phil Rosenthal says:

    1992 – 12-String Thin-line Tangerine Maple Flame Top – $1300 + $100 shipping (US) Picks are here:

    This Charvel Surfcaster 12 thin-line is the
    answer to you electric 12 string dreams!   This guitar plays as easy
    as any Charvel/Jackson guitar but has the appearance / vibe of many various
    guitars from the 60’s. This guitar can emulate a Rickenbacker 12, Silvertone 12 with ease, but that is not why I like it. It truly has a unique sound and is so easy to play and THAT is what I love about it  VERY versatile!

    It has a gorgeous white pearloid pickguard and matching truss rod cover!

    I have owned this guitar since 2005 and have enjoyed playing and
    recording with it.

    A guitar neck is your ‘connection’ to your music.  
    Charvel neck profiles have been hailed for decades by guitarists from all
    genres as being one of the easiest to play and most comfortable.  
    The neck has a very comfortable thin to medium neck shape/profile indicative of
    many Charvel’s and the satin finish on the back feels very smooth to
    my hand. One of the pics show the back of the neck. As you will be
    able to notice this is not a once piece neck but the grain is very
    straight and destined for a lifetime of stability.  

    Neck is true.
    No twists, hi frets or rattle. Truss rod works great. The rich Rosewood
    fingerboard has white pearloid shark fine inlays up and down the 24
    jumbo crowned frets.  

    It has a chambered body made of Mahogany with a
    Tangerine flame maple top.  This beautiful top is also bound and it
    is a nice border to the natural Mahogany back and sides. The Tangerine flame maple finish is even adorned on the bound flame maple head-stock!

    This awesome axe has a 3 way toggle switch to engage each of
    the single coil Chandler lipstick single coil pickups.

    When the Chandler USA made lipstick
    chrome pickups are engaged @ the same time they are ‘humbucking’
    and will cancel 60 cycle hum!

    This Charvel Surfcaster also sports a push push (not push
    /pull) tone control that not only rolls of hi frequencies but also will toggle
    between parallel and series when the pickups are engaged together. (3 way
    toggle in middle / straight up position)  

    This allows the user to go from a very clean ‘Wind Cries
    Mary’ (Strat® pick up with Neck and Middle engaged ) sounds while in
    parallel and then to very  fat thick tonality when in series! 
    Big Sounds or slicing cleans- it is a very fun guitar to play. There is also a
    increase in output in the series mode so great for single lines or leads!
    (also still hum cancelling in series as both pickups are engaged)
          This was also a mod done by a
    Charvel/Fender employee/tech.

    Previously it was wired to have the out of phase thin and
    brittle low output sound and then the parallel tones that are still available
    on the guitar.   (the catalog deemed it as ‘phase reversal’ )

    Also it is now possible to use 3 way toggle
    as a ‘kill’ switch.   This can give you a cool keyboard
    sound when the push push switch is up and the player is actively toggling
    between the bridge and center position on the 3 way.   This can
    allow you to have the ‘rapid fire’ on off on effect by using
    the 3 way toggle switch.

    The controls are very smooth and fun to do volume swells

    The instrument is very comfortable to strap on.  
    It weighs only 7.5 pounds. It has large strap buttons
    indicative of most Jackson/Charvel so your strap will not come off very

    The Body also has a sculpted heal so accessing the upper
    register frets is comfortable.   Serial # is on the Neck
    Joint plate and is 383066.   

    If you are not familiar with guitars that were made in this
    Jackson/Charvel plant in Japan… This factory only made Jackson®/Charvel®
    guitars for over 25 years and were continuously trained by USA Jackson
    Custom Shop builders from day one.   I have seen a lot of guitars
    over my life. These guitars are very well made and rival guitars USA made
    products by other manufactures.   

    A Black SKB Molded hard-shell case included that
    fits this guitar as well as any right or left handed Jackson DK/Soloists.
    Guitar fits very snug in this case.

  15. Kevin Little says:

    Red Charvel Surfcaster bass with white logo available on Reverb: Located in Ottawa Canada.

  16. triplethick says:

    4 string Charvel Surfcaster Bass. Black with white pickguard. Charvel logo is white. 2 lipstick pickups. I believe the hard case is original. Serial # 377843. No modifications of any kind. No damage ofcany kind. Near mint original condition. Asking $795. Canadian. I am in Calgary Alberta Canada and will ship anywhere provided buyer pays for shipping and associated costs, taxes, duties etc. Please contact me at for questions and/or photos.

  17. Adam L Herrick says:

    Looking to buy a black – any condition – not willing to spend more than $600

  18. Ian Hartley says:

    Hi there.
    I’m looking for a Surfcaster bass, preferably in seafoam green.
    I’m in Manchester uk.
    If you have anything of interest. Email me at,

  19. hollaatchaluke says:

    Selling my Surfcaster.

    6-String with Tremolo, White Charvel Logo, Body is completely red. 2 Lipstick Pickups.
    Case is included don’t know if it’s the original one. Serial #371554. Some small electrics were changed because they were broken, the rest is all original like the pickups. Located in Germany.

    For pictures and more details you can contact me via e-mail:

  20. airfoilsite says:

    Original (early 90s) Charvel Surfcaster in near mint condition. #384487

    Asking $1,800 USD.

    6-string with “C” tailpiece (“C”-6), fixed compensated bridge, 2 lipstick pickups, a bound rosewood fingerboard and enclosed Grover tuners. All original hardware.

    Transparent (quilted) red body front with mahogany back and white Charvel logo on headstock.

    Photos here:

    Non-original hardshell case included. Located in Seattle, WA USA. Will accept PayPal. No international shipping.

    Contact me directly at: if interested.

  21. Greetings, surfcaster lovers!

    I have the good fortune to own 4 Surfcaster 12’s at this time, but the bad fortune to need to divest one of them to appease the finances. There are 2 that I am willing to sell, so whichever goes first will decide which one I get to keep! You are welcome to contact me here for an ‘insider’ price- full details are on the eBay listing, but here are the basics:

    Guitar 1 is a Cherryburst 12-string Surfcaster with black logo, Serial #386978. Very minor playwear- One small ding on the top, and the nut has been re-formatted for ‘Ric-style’ string order.

    Guitar 2 is a Trans-Red 12’string Surfcaster with white logo, Serial #379208. Very minor playwear.

    Both guitars are in near-perfect 9+/10 shape, and your selected Surfcaster will arrive to you in a well-fitting, but non-original hardshell case.

    I am located in Utah, USA. Will ship worldwide with the usual caveats.

    Here’s the ebay listing for pics & deets:

    Contact me direct for bro-pricing & info:

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