Looking to sell your Surfcaster? If so, please post the following details on this page:

1. 6-string tremolo, 6-string “C” tail, 12-string, bass, or double-neck?
2. Body color
3. Charvel logo color (black or white)
4. If 6-string, describe pickup configuration (2 lipsticks, or bridge humbucker / neck lipstick)
5. Is a case included and, if so, is it the original hard-shell case (OHSC)?
6. 6-digit serial number on neck plate
7. Has your Surfcaster been modified in any way?
8. Describe any nicks, dings, pimples, warts, gouges, etc.
9. What is your asking price?
10. Where are you located and are you willing to ship outside of your country?
11. How do we contact you (email, telephone number, etc)?

Looking to buy a Surfcaster? If so, please post your preferences from the above list on this page. Don’t forget to let us know how to contact you (email, telephone number, etc).

  1. Kevin Little says:

    Red Charvel Surfcaster bass with white logo available on Reverb: Located in Ottawa Canada.

  2. triplethick says:

    4 string Charvel Surfcaster Bass. Black with white pickguard. Charvel logo is white. 2 lipstick pickups. I believe the hard case is original. Serial # 377843. No modifications of any kind. No damage ofcany kind. Near mint original condition. Asking $795. Canadian. I am in Calgary Alberta Canada and will ship anywhere provided buyer pays for shipping and associated costs, taxes, duties etc. Please contact me at for questions and/or photos.

  3. Adam L Herrick says:

    Looking to buy a black – any condition – not willing to spend more than $600

  4. Ian Hartley says:

    Hi there.
    I’m looking for a Surfcaster bass, preferably in seafoam green.
    I’m in Manchester uk.
    If you have anything of interest. Email me at,

  5. hollaatchaluke says:

    Selling my Surfcaster.

    6-String with Tremolo, White Charvel Logo, Body is completely red. 2 Lipstick Pickups.
    Case is included don’t know if it’s the original one. Serial #371554. Some small electrics were changed because they were broken, the rest is all original like the pickups. Located in Germany.

    For pictures and more details you can contact me via e-mail:

  6. airfoilsite says:

    Original (early 90s) Charvel Surfcaster in near mint condition. #384487

    Asking $1,800 USD.

    6-string with “C” tailpiece (“C”-6), fixed compensated bridge, 2 lipstick pickups, a bound rosewood fingerboard and enclosed Grover tuners. All original hardware.

    Transparent (quilted) red body front with mahogany back and white Charvel logo on headstock.

    Photos here:

    Non-original hardshell case included. Located in Seattle, WA USA. Will accept PayPal. No international shipping.

    Contact me directly at: if interested.

  7. Greetings, surfcaster lovers!

    I have the good fortune to own 4 Surfcaster 12’s at this time, but the bad fortune to need to divest one of them to appease the finances. There are 2 that I am willing to sell, so whichever goes first will decide which one I get to keep! You are welcome to contact me here for an ‘insider’ price- full details are on the eBay listing, but here are the basics:

    Guitar 1 is a Cherryburst 12-string Surfcaster with black logo, Serial #386978. Very minor playwear- One small ding on the top, and the nut has been re-formatted for ‘Ric-style’ string order.

    Guitar 2 is a Trans-Red 12’string Surfcaster with white logo, Serial #379208. Very minor playwear.

    Both guitars are in near-perfect 9+/10 shape, and your selected Surfcaster will arrive to you in a well-fitting, but non-original hardshell case.

    I am located in Utah, USA. Will ship worldwide with the usual caveats.

    Here’s the ebay listing for pics & deets:

    Contact me direct for bro-pricing & info:

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